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Greatness is embedded in our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional products. Our ability to innovate through research and development ensures that we stay ahead of the competition, offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We pride ourselves on the smoothness of our operations, from stringent quality control measures to cost-effective shipping and secure packaging, guaranteeing that your products arrive intact and on time.

When you choose to do business with us, you gain access to a trusted partner that values trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction above all else. Our transparent business practices, flexible payment options, and hassle-free documentation process make working with us effortless. With Vistaar Ceramic, you can be assured of greatness, ability, and smoothness, making us the ideal choice for all your residential, official, and public installation needs.
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Size : 300X300X575 mm

Kubica Wall Hung Basin

Size : 365X345X280 mm

Altis Wash Basin Half Pedestal

Size : 425X570X575 mm

Scoty Wash Basin Half Pedestal

Size : 350X500X520 mm

Volvo Wash Basin Half Pedestal

Size : 350X455X540 mm

Kolan OP WB

Size : 410X410X795 mm

Fusion Table Top Basin

Size : 375X470X115 mm

Jonca Wall Hung Basin

Size : 340X455X195 mm

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Size : 280X280X400 mm

Big Sterling Set

Size : 480X640X980 mm

Tape Table Top Basin

Size : 360X360X100 mm

Little Wall Hung Basin

Size : 340X325X130 mm

Battle E.W.C.

Size : 510X345X390 mm (P Trap / S Trap)

Cansil E.W.C.

Size : 540X340X405 mm (S Trap)


Size : 460X365X410 mm (P Trap / S Trap)